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A native New Yorker, now making her home on the west coast, Emily completed her solo CD, EXPERIENCE LIFE, some years ago. After teaming up with cover rock band RIOTHOUSE for 7 years and Led Zeppelin cover band BLACKDOG, in LA, she is now thrilled to be embarking on her new 'revolution' with original rock band HOODWINK, where she has really found a synergy with these great musicians and a new life to her lyrics!!!

Emily has been singing, performing, writing and recording music since she was a young teenager. Having studied with such greats as Katie Agresta in New York and Seth Riggs in LA, in addition to 4 years of opera training, Emily possesses a powerful set of pipes with a 3 1/2 octave range to match. She has the versatility to woo you with a soft, sultry tone or blow you away with an in-your-face, explosive, raw intensity. A dramatic singer, on stage and in the studio, Emily captivates her audience, wraps them up in a physical and emotional energy and doesn't let go until the song is over!!!

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JOhn Halderman - Hoodwink


John Halderman grew up in Sacramento and found that the bass guitar was a natural instrument for him. He played many gigs with his first band, Phallucy opening for great bands like Death Angel, Primus, Firehose, and 247 Spies. He moved to Cotati to pursue his education at S.S.U. where he met Julio Gomez, and the band Fatt Sack was born. They played many gigs throughout Sonoma County, S.F., Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. It was during this time that he also met Winslow Kelley from the band SFB.

The vibrant music scene and the time provided many opportunities to develop as musicians. John opened his private school, Rancho Bodega School, where he developed a dynamic, hands on Music Program where teens practiced, recorded and performed live, original music for the community. Ten years later John, Julio and Winslow re-connected and formed the band Hoodwink. After having various singers, they finally met the talented Emily Sharnbani, and the line-up was complete. Always a life long learner, John continues to develop as a musician which includes playing drums and keyboards. 

Julio Gomez


Julio Gomez originally from El Salvador came to the U.S. at the age of 6 and grew up in San Rafael and Santa Rosa for most of his early and teen years. He began listening to rock and following bands like Black Sabbath at an early age. He began playing guitar at the age of fifteen and soon after played with others in efforts to create bands and original music.

He attended Sonoma State U. where he met John Halderman and soon started a band called Fatt Sack. The band played many gigs and became a local attraction in the underground Cotati music scene in the late 90’s. The Cotati scene was very influential to Gomez who always wanted to write and play original music. There he met many bands and became friends with many other musicians. He met Winslow Kelley who was playing in local band called SFB. Both bands played gigs together. After Fatt Sack disbanded Gomez continued to play with friends and small bands. Hoodwink came together in 2011 when Halderman and Gomez began talks of forming a new band together. They got Winslow to play drums who joined the band enthusiastically. Hoodwink finally became whole when Emily joined the band in fall of 2013

winslow kelley


Winslow grew up in Sonoma County going to see bands like Victim's Family at the Phoenix in Petaluma. It inspired him to want to play high-energy live music. After he graduated from Rancho Cotati HS in 1994 he joined a local heavy/alt metal band “SFB” that year.  They released their first album, “Smash the World” in 1995. Their second album, “The Last Dance” was released in 1997 and the song “Game” was an immediate online hit holding the #1 alt metal spot on mp3.com for months.  SFB travelled often, from San Diego to Washington, and regularly performed locally at the Phoenix, Inn of the Beginning, and Last Day Saloon with a strong and loyal following. 

Since SFB disbanded in 2004, Winslow and a few friends created a fun, eclectic rock group called Strange Cabbage, which still plays house party’s, farmer’s markets, and local bars to this day.

In 2011 Winslow was reunited with Julio and John of Fatt Sack, who performed with SFB at Inn of the Beginning in the late 90’s. Having loved their sound together Winslow enthusiastically joined on. The addition of Emily and all the energy she brings rounds out Hoodwink’s unique and explosive sound.

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